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Nakano-san’s glass will make Nakano Ward healthy.

I made a glass of Nakano-ku’s city promotion character “Nakano-san, who loves Nakano”.
I drew on a glass with illustrations of famous places, famous stores, and beautiful scenery in Nakano Ward.
Please call me “Nakano-san glass”.

You can enjoy it at home, as a souvenir, and at restaurants in Nakano Ward.
I also included a special hidden character from Nakano Ward in the illustration, so please look for it.

“Nakano-san Glass” will be sold only in Nakano Ward.
It will be on sale from 2021/3/29 (Monday).
The place of sale is
Nakano Ward Office 1st floor welfare shop “Azalea”
Sanya Hotel in Higashinakano (4-25-2 Higashinakano, Nakano-ku 03-3361-2007)
Will be.
The planned sales price is 2,000 yen (tax included), and the first 100 pieces will be offered at a release commemorative price of 1,500 yen (tax included).

We were also able to cooperate with Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd., which has its head office in Nakano.
Kirin Beer will offer “Naka Lemon High” at restaurants in Nakano Ward as “Naka Lemon High” by combining the frozen sugar-free lemon conch (for business use) and Nakano-san’s glass, which was newly released on February 24, 2021. ..
While tasting the freshness of squeezed raw lemons, you can have a good time drinking while talking about Nakano’s famous places, famous stores, and beautiful scenery.
“Naka Lemon High” allows each restaurant to devise their own ideas.
I’m thinking that it will be fun too.
After April, you can drink at restaurants in Nakano Ward, first of all, 3 restaurants.
“Naka Lemon High” will be a limited supply at restaurants in Nakano Ward.

We will sell Nakano Lemon High or Kirin’s craft beer at a cost to restaurants in Nakano Ward on the condition that they can be served in combination with Nakano’s glass.
If you contact Nakano Video by mail, we will be happy to respond.
Nakano Video E-Mail:
The full capacity is 460ml, which is just the right size for drinking chuhai and craft beer.
The HS mouth physically tempered glass is compatible with commercial dishwashers and protects the glass from scratches that occur during use even after long-term use.

Nakano-san glass was adopted by Kizuna Nakano Chikara “Nakano-ku City Promotion Project Grant” and was produced by “Nakano-san Glass Energizing Nakano Project”.

Mr. Nakano We have obtained permission from the following business owners and temples for the design of glasses.
Kamekichi / Nakano Sunplaza Co., Ltd./Nakano Ward / Nakano Broadway Shopping District Promotion Association / Joganji Temple / Seibu Railway Co., Ltd./Chukasoba Aoba Nakano Main Store / Daily Chico (in alphabetical order)

As a result, Nakano’s glass became a blue-based glass.
Do you all know the meaning of blue?
One of the meanings is “a symbol of happiness”.
Blue has been used as a symbol of happiness, as it is known as the blue bird that carries happiness.
And in the West, blue represents Maria and cannot be used by anyone.
Nakano’s clothes are made of blue and white.
Perhaps Nakano is the Holy Spirit of Nakano Ward and a symbol of happiness. I made a glass and noticed.

The local restaurant in Nakano Ward, which is loved by Corona, was deeply injured.
Therefore, we made it with the hope of providing fun glasses that can be used by restaurants and helping to attract customers.
In the last spring’s corona disaster, the Nakano City Tourism Association volunteered to support the restaurants in Nakano Ward by carrying out an activity called “Ganbaro Nakano! Crowdfunding” for restaurants in Nakano Ward who are in trouble. did.
The City Promotion Section of Nakano Ward Office continued to promote the business to energize Nakano.
That’s great.
With the cooperation of Kirin Brewery, we hope that Nakano will be able to rejuvenate Nakano through “Nakano-san Glass” and “Naka Lemon High”.