We have made the homepage multilingual.

This post is also available in: Japanese Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Korean Vietnamese

In order to disseminate Nakano’s charm and information to the world through Nakano-san, we made our website multilingual.
Currently, it supports five languages.
English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese.
Translation is now machine translation.
From the middle of April 2020, native speakers will translate difficult Japanese sentences.

Through Mr. Nakano, we would like to strongly disseminate nakano’s charm and information to the world.
So if you have a nice photo in Nakano-ku, a sentence introducing Nakano, please send it by mail by all means.
E-Mail : info@nakano.daisuki.site
In the case of the photograph, the thing that “Nakano-san” and “Chibi Nakano-san” of the doll are good, but it does not have to be included.

Future development plans for the website are as follows.
2020/3/15 Multilingual (5-language) Machine Translation
Introducing the introduction page of Nakano’s goods added
2020/3/E Enhanced photo and text display
2020/4/B Logo and Favicon Improvements
2020/4/M Native translation support

2019 Nakano-ku Nationality of a foreign resident

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