New Year’s Nakanaka-kai

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New Year Nakanakakai – The Homepage of People Who Love Nakano

On January 25, 2020, Nakano-san’s exchange party “New Year Nakanaka-kai 2020 Winter: A meeting to talk about the charms of Sakai-ku, who loves Nakano, and Nakano” was held. After the event, a membership fee-based social gathering was held where participants could interact with each other. The picture above is the pattern. Mr. Sakai also participated, and the meeting was very exciting.

I’m the head of a local government and this is the first time I’ve had a banquet at a meeting like this. It does not become noble even if it is said that it is the mayor of the ward, and it enjoys side by side with the citizens. I thought it was one of the good points of Nakano-ku. The banquet is full of fun and interesting stories. For example, in K City, the most surprising thing about being moved to Nakano-ku was the good manners of dumping garbage in Nakano Ward. From the local people’s point of view, yes, yes, yes, it becomes, but it is a new discovery of the goodness of Nakano-ku. I am surprised to learn that the JR Nakano Station Building of attention will be comparable to the Oimachi Station Building, which is the largest station in JR. By the way, the structure which crosses the track can work only for a few hours at night, so it takes seven years to produce it. Curiosity is stimulating and banqueting is too much fun. Finally, to celebrate the first anniversary of Nakano’s birth, Nakano’s cake came out. Through Nakano-san, I was able to have a pleasant exchange with the residents i had never known before. I would like to express my gratitude to the people in charge of nakano ward office for organizing such a project. I fell in love with Nakano-ku more and more.

From Naoto Sakai, the mayor of the ward

Machine gun talk burst to talk about Nakano passionately. I didn’t have enough time on the way, so I was being instructed to roll up to the staff (laughs). The staff, I’m glad I didn’t roll it because it was too interesting. (laughs)


Each group will be filled with photos of Mr. Chibi Nakano as a theme.
An elderly grandmother who loves Nakano was also participating. I felt the kindness of Nakano in the friendly support of the staff.

New poster presentation in Nakano-ku

It is an announcement of the new poster of each region of Nakano which was produced in Nakano Ward.
It’s all a great poster.

The social gathering is gorgeous.

Nakano’s favorite Japanese-style lady also came and the social gathering is gorgeous.
Nakano-san’s great success. You can touch it as much as you want.

The Story of Nakano

The woman who told the most interesting story in nakano’s story is presented with Nakano’s sake.

I also enjoyed the way i talked.

The second party is iwayushu.

It is a second party with everyone in “Wami” in Sun Mall. I enjoyed the fragrant and naughty bone liquor. Through Nakano-san, the first residents i met can also get along with each other.

Note: 2020/1/31 Nakano Video

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