Let’s do the cherry blossom viewing of Nakano on the web this year.

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The Nakano-dori Cherry Blossom Festival was canceled. So this year, let’s see the cherry blossoms on the Web.
Please enjoy it because the photograph of the flower of Nakano ward will be posted by the volunteer of Nakano ward on this site.
I will post the photograph outside Nakano-ku only a little, but please forgive it.


Theme: Yaezakura blooming between the trees , Photography location: Kitanakasugi Street in Asagaya , Photographer: Fujigen

Spring, 2020

Theme: Arai Yakushi’s Cherry Blossoms , Photography Location Arai Yakushi , Photographer: JUNOKICHI

Theme: From the bridge of Shimodabashi Bus Stop , Photography Location Near Philosophy Hall , Photographer: Nyanko
Point: At night, you can see the sky tree and cherry blossoms lit up from the top of the bridge.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Theme: Snow and Hanakaidou , Photo: Sagimiya , Photographer: Muchiken

We are looking for photos of flowers in Nakano-ku.
If you agree, please send it to info@nakano.daisuki.site by mail.
If possible, we would appreciate it if you could let us know where you took the photo and when.

2020/3/26 (Thu)

Theme: Fukuzoin Flowers , Photo: Sagimiya , Photographer: Nakano Video
The doll is put on the branch with permission of Mr. Fukuzoin.

Theme: Taoyuan River Green Road Flowers , Photo Location:, Photographer: Nakano Video

Theme: Tozan Elementary School Flowers , Photo Location: Nakano-ku Central 1, Photographer: Nakano Video

Theme: Nakano Water Works Station Yokomichi Sakura , Photo Location: Nakano-ku Water Works Bureau , Photographer: Nakano Video

Theme: Nakano-dori Cherry Blossoms , Photo: Nakano Dori , Photographer: Nakano Video

Theme: Cherry blossoms on the banks of The Iruma River , Photography Location: Iruma Gawa , Photographer: Fujigen

Theme: Cherry Blossoms of Sumitomo Real Estate Roppongi Grand Tower , Photography Location: Roppongi , Photographer: Mohite

Theme: Cherry Blossoms on Nakano Street , Nakano Dori , Photographer: Momomi

2020/3/25 (Wed)

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Theme: Arai Yakushi’s Sakura , Arai Yakushi , Photographer: Mainmi

Theme: Cherry Blossoms of Shinjuku Gyoen , Shinjuku Gyoen , Photographer: Momomi

Theme: Cherry blossoms in front of the National Theater , Photo location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo , Photographer: Ginza Mom

Theme: Cherry Blossoms of Myoshoji River , Photo: Sagimiya , Photographer: Mohiken

Theme: Cherry Blossoms at Home , Photo Location: Sagimiya , Photographer: Mohite

Theme: Cherry blossoms and pink flowers , Photo: Zen Sadain (Numabukuro), Photographer: Nakano Video

Theme: Sumo Hana , Photo Location: Philosophy Hall Park , Photographer: Nakano Video

Theme: Philosophy Hall Park , Photo location: Philosophy hall park , Photographer: Nakano Video

2020/3/21 (Sat)

Theme: White Flowers , Photo Location: Tokyo Police Hospital , Photographer: Nakano Video

Theme: Spring in Shikinomori Park , Photography Location: Nakano Shikinomori Park , Photographer: Nakano Video

2020/3/20 (Fri)

Theme: Peach Flowers , Photo Location: Gangwon , Photographer : Nyanko-san

Theme: Cherry Blossom Ing, Photo: Nakano Dori and Arai Yakushi Park , Photographer: Nakano Video

Cherry blossoms are blooming a lot.

2020/3/15 (Sun) We are waiting for the cherry blossoms in Nakano Ward to bloom.

2020/3/14 (Sat) It snowed in Nakano-ku. Flowering began at Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo.

Spring, 2019

Theme: Kyoto University , Photo location: Kyoto University Headquarters Campus , Photographer: Dr. X

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